@baby_led_weaning_club - My favourite old faithful my long sleeved Bshirt

old faithful bshirt

Excuse my slippers - these will not be part of my #OOTD when I actually do go out 😂

I always look at people in dungarees and dungarees dresses and think how nice they look, but have never actually had the confidence to wear them myself. I actually bought a nice dungaree dress last year and after my husband saying he didn't really like it I lost my confidence with it and gave it to my friend. Every time she wears it I think how nice she looks, so when I saw this in @primark with ultra low sides perfect for boob access and POCKETS I decided to try again. I'm a sucker for pockets 😂

Wearing it with my favourite old faithful my long sleeved @thebshirt

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