@llovelis - These breastfeeding tops are super convenient...

breastfeeding in a bshirt

Breastfeeding has become a daily routine in my life. I feed my baby every 2 hours on the clock. In my last two experiences with breastfeeding, I wasn’t really into it. I gave up too quickly and didn’t realize how beneficial it is for me and baby. This time around I am 100% into it ❤️ I strictly breastfeed and will only pump if I need someone to watch baby (which is rarely). The bond my baby and I share is amazing 💕 She is healthy and growing everyday 🤱🏽

I’m super excited to be collaborating with @thebshirt 😁 These breastfeeding tops are super convenient and make it easy to breastfeed anywhere! I love these tops because now I don’t have to pull my shirt all the way up 💁🏽‍♀️ Did I mention these shirts come in tanks as well? 😍 

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