Loving the long sleeved Bshirt with mummyofthree06.11.17

Loving the long sleeved Bshirt with mummyofthree06.11.17

Thanks for letting us know  how much you love your Bshirt @mummyofthree06.11.17

breastfeeding in a bshirt

I absolutely love my Bshirt vest gifted thanks to @officialemmasdiary and @thebshirt. So when I was given the opportunity to try their new long sleeved version, I jumped at the chance as I knew if the vest was anything to go by, that they would be just as amazing. 

I was not wrong, The Bshirt long sleeve tops are so soft and comfortable to wear as well as being a flattering fit on my postnatal mum tum. 

they are so easy and discrete to feed Adalena in, just lift the flap up and you  have instant access for boobing!

I love the pretty lace detail on the bottom of the feeding flap that makes the top feel more feminine and pretty than your bog standard plain (or striped!) nursing top. 

The Bshirt is designed to be worn alone or under your favourite pre-pregnancy clothes, allowing you easy breastfeeding access while still being able to wear the clothes you want. With the Bshirt you are no longer restricted to buying breastfeeding tops.

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