What I'll be using to help me Breastfeed and Express

What I'll be using to help me Breastfeed and Express

Kayleigh from Candyfloss & Dreams spills the beans on some essentials she's been gathering in preparation for baby number two's arrival.

I’ve openly talked about how much I want to breastfeed Baby F when he turns up and I thought it was time to show you a few breastfeeding essentials that I’ve been putting together over the last few months and I’m hoping that with these essentials my breastfeeding journey will allow me to feed with confidence. Whilst I really want to breastfeed exclusively and I will actively be trying to do so I feel much more confident having a few things in the home to help with expressing because ultimately I would rather my baby have breastmilk than formula so I’m prepared to do whatever I can. Hopefully we will establish breastfeeding, a good latch and my baby will thrive however I know a lot more know than I did then and I’m much more prepared for feeding in the night, cluster feeding and have done my research on how I might want to try and boost my supply. Breastfeeding works on a supply and demand basis so the more I feed him the more milk I make and I plan to continue feeding for as long as possible.

I think this does put a lot of pressure on me however, actually, when I think about it I won’t be putting pressure on myself to do anything else, especially for the first six weeks. As long as Evie gets to and from school and he is fed, other things and other people can wait. I think there is one film I might want to see in late November but other than that I have no intention of planning on leaving him overnight until he finishes breastfeeding completely. I’ve already had offers of babysitting but I think people often forget that it’s much harder if a baby is breastfed. I’m not expecting, or asking, for any “time off” whilst he feeds from me and I won’t just give him a bottle for the sake of giving him a bottle if I don’t need to.

I’ve put together a list of things I’ll be using to help me with breastfeeding, and, if I do feel the need to express, we have those in the home too.


I love my gorgeous summer coloured Bshirt which is really going to help me feed with confidence. I got a size 20 and started wearing in pregnancy despite being quite a bit bigger but this top felt comfortable over my bump so the sizing is lovely and comfortably generous without feeling baggy. The BShirt is a great too having a flap that you lift giving baby direct access to the breast. It also looks really stylish on and there are loads of really lovely colours available too. This is a perfect staple for post natal clothing as it’s comfortable and has that all important accessibility for breastfeeding. There are lots of colours available too and I might treat myself to a few more over the months. I am really keen to find clothing that helps me feel less exposed yet makes feeding easy for me.

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