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London Fashion Week Top Trends

London Fashion Week Top Trends

Think punk, sparkles...and ice cream. You might like bold colours in ovesized outifits or frothy frills in pastel tones, but it seems that anything goes!

London Fashion Week 2019 once again delivered serious style. The more eclectic, the more fashion forward you are...

tidal teal breasfeeding shirt bshirt

Makeup artists and designers alike were splashing on the teal at this year's London Fashion Week. It's not surprising then that Tidal Teal is one of the Bshirt's top colours as well as being the perfect hue to transition from winter into spring.

bshirt tidal teal

We love silvery grey with tidal teal. Pair your Tidal Teal Bshirt with High Street favourites, add a splash of colour to your eye makeup, or search out similar hues to enhance your wardrobe this season. 

tidal teal fashion london fasion week

  1. Bonny Tiered Skirt, Anthropologie
  2. Long Sleeved Bshirt in Tidal Teal, Bshirt Clothing
  3. Dress with Belt, Zara
  4. Silk Shirt, Boden
  5. Brigitte Boat Neck Smart Jumper, Monsoon
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