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My 'I Don't' List

My 'I Don't' List

I bet, like me, you're up to your eyeballs in things you need to do. You probably have multiple lists, like I do, to keep it all straight. Because it's not just our life and our work that we are keeping on top of; its the kids' lives, the school world, the home tasks, the friends/family sphere, and, mustn't forget, the all important me-time schedule. 

It's enough to make your head implode. And it often does. So rather than get caught up in all the things that we need 'to do' let's make ourselves an 'I don't' list. It goes something like this:

  • I don't always keep my house clean and tidy
  • I don't give my kids a bath every night
  • I don't cook healthy, balanced meals from scratch every night
  • I don't exercise every day
  • I don't stay on top of the laundry
  • I don't iron. Ever.
  • I don't always remember the homework tasks
  • I don't make packed lunches
  • I don't do book clubs
  • I don't over schedule myself or my kids
  • I don't work weekends
  • I don't look at my phone after 8pm
  • I don't send birthday cards
  • I don't count calories

You get the idea. The 'I don't' list is an official 'give yourself a break' list. We don't need to do it all to be awesome.

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