Picnic in the Park - It's National Picnic Week!

Picnic in the Park - It's National Picnic Week!

Picnicking is one of the UK’s most enjoyable summer traditions, and is a great way of taking advantage of any open spaces in your local area over the warmer months of the year. It's the perfect occasion to fill up your picnic basket with little nibbles, beautifully decorated cup cakes and fresh lemonade!

That said, you might not have worked out what to wear. For ease of playing frisbee or soaking up the sunshine laying on your blanket, a pair of shorts or suitably fashionable crops might be perfect for the occasion. Pair easily with your Bshirt in our new summer colours.

Our model wears our classic black Bshirt and she pairs it woth a pair of black and white capri's. She adds a pop of colour with red wedges, suitably fashionable this summer. Our fashion editor selects a few must haves for the summer months and recommends pairing all with just the Bshirt!

High Street Styling

Pair any Bshirt with loose fitting shorts, skirts or trousers.

Bshirt in black and whiteZara Polka-Dot Shorts
H&M Paper Bag TrousersHush Short Dungarees

Normalise Breastfeeding

We are passionate about improving breastfeeding rates in the UK. Breastfeeding in normal clothes helps you to feel like yourself again and by feeding in public you are empowering other women to breastfeed with confidence!

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We want to show you how you can save money by wearing 'normal' clothes while still breastfeeding with confidence and looking fabulous. Because, well, breastfeeding is 'normal', after all!

x Philippa and Lisa and the Bshirt team

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