Ready, Set, Latch!

Ready, Set, Latch!

It's a race against time!! Breastfeeding Cover Vs Bshirt!

Here at The Bshirt, we promote breastfeeing for more reasons than one...  Firstly, you've got BOOBS so let's use them and secondly your baby will thrive on breast milk.

We know it can be awkward at first and sometimes painful, but once you, your baby and your boobs are in a pattern, it will become like second nature.

We also know breastfeeding in public can feel like a whole different thing and it can be a little intimidating... your boobs are massive, milk sprays out from both nipples and you haven't even sat down yet!

Imagine trying to get your boob out, but then faffing around putting a breastfeeding cover over, under or around you! You may well have tried this and know how challenging it can be.

With the Bshirt it's simple: pull down, up, across and feed.....aaahhhhh.... and drink plenty of tea and put your feet up!

The Bshirt offers the same amount of no nonsense boob coverage as other methods, in just one simple and stylish top. That's it, SIMPLE, STYLISH and loved by YOU and YOUR BABY - no faffing, we promise!

So go on - Ready... Set... Latch!!

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