The weheartbreastfeeding campaign to normalise breastfeeding

The weheartbreastfeeding campaign to normalise breastfeeding

We decided early on that our business would be more than just a commercial venture. We wanted to change perceptions of what it means to breastfeed; that you can still be yourself, be fashionable and be confident while breastfeeding. We wanted to provide a space where women could support each other and find solace. We wanted to sell our shirts in order to impact breastfeeding culture and affect social change. Therefore we decided we needed to launch a campaign to challenge the perceptions of breastfeeding and the weheartbreastfeeding campaign was born (COMING SOON).


The weheartbreastfeeding campaign website is in the planning phase. It will showcase photographs of breastfeeding mothers, profile extraordinary stories of inspirational women, facilitate local meet-ups for mums to meet & offer advice and support on breastfeeding topics. And most importantly, we will facilitate the members to participate in feed-in’s across the UK - where large groups of mothers meet at a public place and breastfeed as a protest towards public attitudes of breastfeeding in public.


It will be a social space where you can connect to one another and post updates, photos and videos. You will be able to like and comment on posts, Facebook style, and indeed you will be able to push your posts out to Facebook if you want to. You will be able to create groups and events which can be suggested to other users based on likes, location, friends, followers, etc. You will also be able to set up discussion topics where you can ask for breastfeeding advice and support each other.


We are very excited about the weheartbreastfeeding campaign and we hope you'll join us when we launch our campaign to normalise breastfeeding in the UK.

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