Can I Breastfeed in It?

Can I Breastfeed in It?

Article from The Guardian

Why a Facebook group for new mothers is the friendliest place on the internet

From milk-proof vest tops to bridesmaid outfits, members of an online community are helping each other to find clothes that both look great and are easy to feed a baby in.

There are things in life you can only discover for yourself and things other people could have told you if only youhad asked. Sorting between these two categories is the odd genius, such as Natalie Halman. Three years ago, when she was 27, she launched the Facebook page Can I Breastfeed in It? Almost instantly, 1,000 women were showering each other with suggestions for high-street clothes you could gracefully get in and out of – playsuits, wrap dresses, deceptively simple vest tops – in order to breastfeed. Death to the public feed is a top you have to pull up, rather than pull down, thus exposing the rest of your body. This is a painful discovery to make on your own in public. Plus, you have just spent nine months pregnant and you wouldn’t mind looking slightly nice every now and then. “Suddenly you need to account for feeding access, how it fits on your new post-baby body and whether the material will hide baby-inflicted stains,” says Halman. “All that, alongside retaining a style that makes you feel like ‘you’, is not an easy task.”...

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