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Christmas Gift Ideas - What to buy parents

Christmas Gift Ideas - What to buy parents

As soon as Christmas is on the horizon, I feel a small sense of panic set in. That pressure to find the perfect gift; something they’ll love and enjoy without breaking the bank...

Article from Devon Mama

Buying for little ones is hard enough but the people I really struggle with? Us parents. Whether it’s people asking me or me trying to find things for my fellow parents (and my own!), the thought sends my brain blank. What on earth do you buy parents? Well fear not, I’ve taken the panic out of it for you. Here’s a selection of great gifts we’ve found that will suit every parent. Some are from our own experience, some are ones we’ve been sent to review but they’re all ones we’d recommend!


Ask any new parent (or indeed, more seasoned ones) what they’d like for Christmas and they’ll undoubtedly tell you they want one thing and one thing alone… sleep. Okay, you could take the kids for the night but let’s face it, even without kids, us parents are now programmed to wake at 6am on the dot. Instead, why not give the gift of ‘Sleep’; Wax Lyrical’s collaboration scent with Silentnight. A calming mixture of lavender and chamomile, this delicious scent is guaranteed to help any parent relax. Available as a candle or a room diffuser from Wax Lyrical, these UK made scents will create a calm, restful environment and allow you to fulfil their dreams with the gift of ‘sleep’. Perfect.


Thinking about yourself is hard to do when you’re a new parent. You’re so caught up in the baby bubble that it’s hard to think of anything else. I find it particularly hard to think of things for me (as a breastfeeding new mum) that will fit or be functional whilst I’m still in this stage. Enter the BShirt; a breastfeeding friendly top that allows the wearer to feed comfortably yet still look stylish. Worn like a normal tank top, you just lift the flap to feed your little one making it as discrete as you want it to be. Available in a range of colours, these are top of my list for clothes to buy new mums in those first early few weeks.


Fitness as a parent can take a bit of a back seat – it’s all about squeezing it in around everyone else. Because of that, workouts that require little equipment are right up there in popularity. These ‘Quick Sweat Dice’ from Strength Stack 52 are designed by a military fitness guru to give you a different workout each time, using just your own body weight. Throw the dice to create a regime to fit your timescale and your enthusiasm level and once you’re done, pop them back into the holder until next time. Great for something different for those fitness fanatics amongst us!


Soften the blow of having to cook this Christmas with a timelessly beautiful roasting tray from Sophie Conran for Portmeirion. This white handled large porcelain tray measures 36 x 28cm and will happily fit any roast dinner; meat or vegetarian. Designed to take your meal from the oven to the table, it almost looks too good to pop in the oven. Part of the Sophie Conran for Portmeirion range, why not add to their collection or help them to start a new one with the iconic ridged design...

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