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Kate Middleton talks breastfeeding: 'It's a struggle'

Kate Middleton talks breastfeeding: 'It's a struggle'

The Duchess spoke candidly about her parenting experiences

Article from Hello Magazine

Kate Middleton talks about parenting

The Duchess of Cambridge bonded with fellow mothers over their parenting experiences during her visit to Ballymena on Thursday. Kate, who is mum to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, chatted to parents at the St Joseph’s SureStart facility, where she praised mothers who had overcome their "struggle" with breastfeeding.

Speaking after the visit, one mum, Rebecca White, said: "They were really encouraging about breastfeeding. They said we were all doing a good job, that it was really hard, it was a struggle and well done for keeping going."

The Duke and Duchess also spoke about the sleep deprivation they experience with their three young children, saying they choose to get up in the night whenever George, Charlotte or Louis wake rather than rely on their staff. Kathryn Ward, a 26-year-old mother-of-two, revealed: "They were chatting a bit about sleep deprivation. Even though they get the help that they have, they’re still parents as well and want to get up with their own kids. So they understand the stresses and pressures were going through, even though they got a couple of people more hands on. They were fantastic. Really on our level."

Despite having their hands full with three children aged five and under, that hasn’t put Kate off having any more children. The Duchess admitted she was feeling "broody" again whilst meeting five-month-old baby James and his parents during their walkabout in Ballymena.

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