Mojo Mums says "how easy it is to feed" in Bshirt

Mojo Mums says "how easy it is to feed" in Bshirt

Mojo Mums have written a full review of their experience of using the Bshirt. Thanks Mojo Mums! We're glad that you like it!

Article taken from Mojo Mums

What they say: The Bshirt is different from other breastfeeding clip vests or breastfeeding tops. It is designed to be worn as a thin vest top underneath your favourite clothes and it can also be worn on it’s own because it looks just like a normal vest top. The Bshirt has no clips or ties to fuss with. It allows baby to get full access so you can achieve good positioning and latch. Breastfeed confidently with the Bshirt under your favourite pre-pregnancy clothes. Feel empowered and fashionable as you adapt your wardrobe to be breastfeeding friendly.

What we say: “As a first time mum trying to grapple with all the little issues breastfeeding brings was quite a task… making sure his latch was correct, changing position if he was becoming fussy, getting my boob out before the ‘arching’ back started… but doing all this in public was even more of a task.

After three and a half months of exclusively breastfeeding (despite trying to get my little Louis to take bottled expressed milk) we’d both become comfortable in knowing how to latch and feed without too many issues. However, little man has now become quite inquisitive which means he is distracted VERY easily when on my boob, exposing my breast to the world a little more frequently than I’d like.

Just in time for this change in behaviour I got the Bshirt.

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