Buggy and Sling Fit

Buggy and Sling Fit

Forget a pricey gym membership - the only exercise equipment you need right now is your baby and a buggy or sling!

Get your body back in a way that fits around you and your baby and just get pushing! You might want to carry your baby in a sling instead, which is great if you're on tricky terrain and if you'd like to keep cuddly and close.

Take it easy to begin with and don't set your benchmark too high; remember that your boobs may be heavier and fuller depending on what stage you are with breastfeeding, so wear an appropriately supportive bra.

You might want to join others for social contact and networking, so check out post natal classes in your area where you can get fit with baby in tow.

If that seems a bit daunting, just walk out to your local park or National Trust gardens and have a wander pushing your buggy. 

Take advantage of those Wintery sunny days and top up your body's Vitamin D levels - even a small amount of exercise will make a difference.

The Bshirt is the perfect layering piece during the winter months because you won't want to be stripping off - lifting the flap will be just enough with a North-Easterly breeze!!

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