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Get the Support you Need with a Nursing Pillow

Get the Support you Need with a Nursing Pillow

For a new or even a seasoned mum breastfeeding can be difficult. Particularly in the early months when it feels like you need eight arms to support baby, keep their little hands out of the way and have a free hand to have a drink of water (if you are lucky enough to have one within reach!).

Too soon you end up looking like a contortionist on a mountain of pillows trying to get baby in a good nursing position. Then there’s your own comfort which often gets completely forgotten about until you start getting up from the bed or sofa or nursing chair and yes even the floor, looking and sounding like 90-year-old lady.

Not every mum needs a nursing support pillow. However, they can be useful for getting both you and baby into a comfortable nursing position while significantly reducing those aches and pains.

We recruited a local mum of two to help us try out several different nursing support pillows and this is what we LOVED about each one...

Thrupenny Bits - £45

thrupenny nursing pillow

Thrupenny Bits is a chic nursing support pillow created by a fellow mom of two Melissa Wyatt. What sets this nursing pillow apart from the rest is that it ties around your waist (and no, the knot does not impede your comfort – big plus!) which is absolutely brilliant when you have a wiggly baby or one that needs a lot of shuffling about to get a good latch. When not used for nursing it can also be used as a support for when baby is starting to sit up, a small bag and it is super easy to grab and go when visiting friends and family.

What we LOVED about it…

  • It stays put! No gap for baby to shuffle into and no need to readjust.
  • Fabulous fabric used – definitely doesn’t look like your usual nursing pillow.


bbhugme - £65

bbhugme is a stylish nursing support pillow created by three chiropractors from Norway, Hilde, Ann Kristin and Elisabeth. What sets this nursing pillow apart from the rest is that it is super adjustable.  Within seconds you can go from a firm nursing pillow to one that is softer for a snoozing or growing baby. It also ties around your waist ensuring a secure and snug fit for mom and baby. The travel bag is very convenient for nursing out and about, looking more like you just came back from your yoga class than carrying around a nursing pillow. As baby grows the bbhugme can convert into a comfortable hip carrier.

What we LOVED about it…

  •       The ability to adjust the firmness of the pillow to fit your and baby’s needs.
  •       The yoga style travel bag.


HushCush - £27

nursing pillow

HushCush is an innovative padded nursing arm pillow created by mom of 3 Jana. What sets this pillow apart from the rest is that instead of going around your waist, it slides onto your arm. If your baby enjoys a snack and snooze this pillow is great to save you from a numb arm (and in summer a very sweaty arm and baby). This nifty little pillow is super compact and can even fit in my changing bag. It can also be used during pregnancy as a support pillow and as a toddler travel pillow.

What we LOVED about it…

  • No more summer sweaty arm. Whoo Hoo!
  • Super portable, making nursing in public more comfortable


Cuddles Collection - £20

nursing pillow

The cuddles collection is a 4-in-1 pillow which can be used as a pregnancy pillow, nursing pillow, tummy-time pillow and baby nest. This versatile pillow comes in 10 cute design to delight mum and baby. The pillow is soft and super comfortable for baby and easy to care for by mum. What sets this pillow apart from nursing pillows of a similar design is the price, great value for money.

What we LOVED about it…

  • Great value for money.
  • 10 cute designs to choose from.

Already have a pregnancy pillow? Great news for us thrifty mums, by adjusting the positioning (with a bit of trial and error) your trusty war-worn pregnancy pillow can live another day as a nursing support pillow.

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