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3 pretty tops from Zara for at home, at work and even going out!

3 pretty tops from Zara for at home, at work and even going out!

Mix and Match

Stay frilly, floaty and feminine with your choice of three pretty tops you can breastfeed in wearing your choice of  Bshirt in our three pretty colours new for 2018!

Colourful and floaty, sleek and sheer, comfy and cool and perfectly placed with our organic cotton Bshirts.
We found just the the tops from Zara. Pretty colours, pretty you!



We've paired the Plum Bshirt with this Zara satin ruffled black top with bright flowers. Ruffles are a great way to keep your look up to date and create a great work look with more tailored trousers. It's easy to feed or pump in your work wear with the Bshirt underneath.



This Zara top is an update on the classic black and white monochrome look with a lacy black and white blouse. Since the blouse is loose enough to pull up it makes it an ideal feeding top. The flared sleeve gives it a modern twist. We've paired it with a black Bshirt and black trousers and sparkly shoes. A perfect going out outfit!



The soft grey of the Bshirt highlights the floaty romantic nature of this Zara top perfectly. This look is kept causal with black jeggings for a more chilled look. Even if you are just hanging out at home you can still look and feel pretty in a top like this.




Pair any of these tops with skinny, slim or flare trousers. Heels, flats or boots. Mix and Match your wardrobe with your favourite Bshirt!



Normalise Breastfeeding

We are passionate about improving breastfeeding rates in the UK. Breastfeeding in your own clothes helps you to feel like yourself again and by feeding in public you are empowering other women to breastfeed with confidence!


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We want to show you how you can save money buy wearing 'normal' clothes while still breastfeeding with confidence and looking fabulous. Because, well, breastfeeding is 'normal', after all!


x Philippa and Lisa

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