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Great British Holidays

Great British Holidays

It’s the summer and you’re probably thinking of where to go for your summer holiday. Rather than backpacking through the Andes, which might be a little too much with a family in tow, seeking out a Great British holiday lessens your travelling time with the added bonus of not having to figure out ways to take a car seat on a plane! 


Glamping or luxury camping, is more popular than ever and with tree houses, pods, bell tents, yurts, shepherd's huts and even converted London buses on offer, there's plenty of variety. Purpose built, they offer the home comforts that you have put on your camping wish list. Most locations have all the mod cons you won’t want to be without now that you have little ones with you.


Hotels and Airbnb

5* Hotels might have been your thing, but often the refined taste that’s so often appealing as an adult,  doesn’t always bode well for other guests when you have hungry children, a crying baby or an active toddler. Jump onto Airbnb and try and search for a family home that might already have the space you need like a garden, a bath, a high chair and kids toys. More of a home from home is less stressful for children and less rules on what they are and aren’t allowed to touch!

holiday with baby


Cottages are very popular if you're planning on going with another family or two. Often set in the countryside or by the beach, it allows for freedom and the space to run around and relax without the interference of lots of other holiday makers. Easy parking, plenty of outdoor space for buggies, bikes and scooters and a proper sized family fridge. Some cottages may well be set on farmland, so there might be the added bonus of wondering farm animals, ponies and free range eggs! A home from home with your friends and family.

cottage holiday

Package Holidays

Package holidays have their perks too. Although you might not be on your own, your children will have lots of children to play with, kids clubs to join and activities to keep them busy whilst you try to relax by the pool. They have the advantage of restaurants, so that means no cooking and they have all the facilities a family could want. Package holidays in the UK are often much more trendy then they once might have been. Check out Centre Parcs and you’ll be amazed with what's on offer for the whole family.

poolside with baby

Happy Kids, Happy Parents, Happy Holidays!!    

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