Winter Wonderland, mince pies and mulled wine...

Winter Wonderland, mince pies and mulled wine...

Christmas jumpers are back and are a great way to feel festive! Pair with your favorite Bshirt - long sleeved or vest style - and stay warm.

Cozy hats and scarves are on trend, so wrap up warm and join in the hustle and bustle of your local outdoor Christmas events.

We headed to 'Wonderland' at Dartington Hall, Devon for some wonderful Winter market shopping. 

  1. Stars Sweater - Zara
  2. Christmas Fair Isle Jumper - Boden
  3. Christmas Stag Pompom Jumper - Topshop
  4. Women's supersoft red plain scarf - Fatface
  5. Long Sleeved Bshirt in Plum - Bshirt Clothing
  6.  Fairford Faux Fur Lined Biker Boots - FatFace

Let's make a difference together. Let's move away from fast fashion and it's impact on our planet... water pollution, the use of toxic chemicals and increasing levels of textile waste... Stay stylish, but do it the smart way.

Top tips for shopping ethically: 

  • Try and buy natural materials - polyester and man made fabrics contain plastic microfibres 
  • When buying cotton, make sure it is ethically sourced - this relates to the water used when growing the cotton and impacts on pollution and climate change
  • Buy Organic and Fairtrade wherever possible - these standards are rigorous and can be trusted
  • Buy less, buy better - It's really simple, we all need to wear clothes. But buying fast fashion isn't sustainable or responsible. So buy less often and you'll be able to afford to buy ethical.
  • Get it second hand!! - Scour your charity shop Set alerts on Ebay - if you have a favourite brand there is no need to shy away, just get it pre-loved and recycle it when you're done.

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x Philippa, Lisa and the Bshirt team

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