The birth of the Bshirt

The birth of the Bshirt

As an NCT trained Breastfeeding Peer Supporter, Lisa volunteered at her local Sure Start Centre for three years, counselling new mothers on breastfeeding issues. Very often she would see women embarrassed about feeding in public, wearing intricate garments that restricted the feeding access for the baby and they were unable to achieve a good position and latch as a result.

She often suggested to women that they cut holes in a T-shirt to wear as an undershirt as she herself had found it to be a great solution when she fed both her sons. The ones that were brave enough to try this method were thrilled at the freedom it allowed them. Suddenly they were back in their own clothes and feeling normal again. Many remarked to Lisa that her suggestion allowed them to breastfeed for longer than they had initially hoped.

Eventually Lisa started making vests for friends and one day she showed her creation to Philippa. Philippa loved the idea but wondered if there was a way to make the shirts so that they could be worn on their own if the mother got too hot and wanted to take off her top layer without looking like something out of Ann Summers!

Lisa and Philippa spent the summer of 2015 perfecting the designs. The final product has two different versions, both functioning in a similar way, and are unique in the market.

We intend to develop the brand further, offering different weight fabrics, short and long sleeved versions, and a variety of colours.

Be you, Be fashionable, Be confident - Bshirt

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