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BREAST ADVICE 10 things new mums worry about when breastfeeding – and how to tackle them

BREAST ADVICE 10 things new mums worry about when breastfeeding – and how to tackle them

From being in pain to needing to take medication, there's a lot for newly breastfeeding mums to worry about. 

Article from The Sun


Breastfeeding tends to be the healthiest and cheapest option for bringing up babies. But it can be tough, which is why so many women stop doing it after just six weeks.

Amy Brown, Professor of Child Public Health, Swansea University reveals in The Conversation the ten things new mums tend to worry about when it comes to breastfeeding - and how to deal with them.

1. I’m in pain

Breastfeeding shouldn't hurt. Unfortunately, many women do experience pain, but the good news is this can usually be fixed.

Ask your health professional to take a look at your baby’s latch. Just a few small changes in how you position them or yourself can really help.

Latching is a skill you and your baby learn together and can take practice. This factsheet from La Leche League has great visual advice.

If you are still in pain, particularly if your baby is struggling to latch on, ask your health professional to check whether your baby has a tongue tie.

Sometimes a baby’s tongue is tethered too tightly in their mouth, meaning they struggle to latch, causing you pain. This can be fixed by a specialist. If you are still in pain, do not hesitate to seek further support.

2. My lifestyle isn’t the healthiest

It’s fine to occasionally have a few drinks when breastfeeding. Alcohol does pass into your breast milk but in very small amounts.

It passes out of your milk at the same rate as your blood so there is no sense in expressing milk to get “rid” of the alcohol in it.

The main reason not to drink too much is to ensure you can care for your baby safely. Never bedshare with your baby if you have been drinking alcohol.

If you smoke, breastfeeding can help protect your baby from the effects of secondhand smoke as your baby is less likely to get a respiratory infection than if you formula feed.

But smoking can affect your ability to produce enough milk, and nicotine does transfer to breast milk with an increased risk your baby may have colic or be unsettled so you might want to get support to quit.

3. I need to take a medication

It’s a myth that you can’t take medications when breastfeeding.

Always read the label, but most are compatible as they do not enter your milk or only do so in very small amounts.

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