Parenting concerns: Seven of the main worries for mothers-to-be

Parenting concerns: Seven of the main worries for mothers-to-be

New year, new baby? If so, lucky you – but expectant mums experience anxiety as well as excitement. Here a midwife tells Lisa Salmon about the common concerns of parents-to-be and gives advice on what to do

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FINDING out you're expecting a baby can be incredibly exciting – and extremely worrying. Expectant mums and new parents are often plagued with uncertainties, from the obvious concerns about having a healthy baby, to worries about their own wellbeing and moods.

A recent study found that over a third (35 per cent) of new mums describe their journey into motherhood as 'challenging' – but the challenges definitely have their plus points, with 80 per cent of expectant mums saying they're looking forward to learning something new every day.

Midwife Vicki Scott says: "With so many choices to make, it's no wonder new mums can find their new role challenging at times, and look for much-needed reassurance in their lifestyle decisions. It's easy to lose yourself as you immerse yourself in your new baby, but it's a wonderful learning process and ultimately, hugely rewarding and fulfilling."

To help alleviate the most common concerns for new mums, baby products firm Philips Avent has launched the Virtual Mummy Mentors programme, working with parenting influencers including Mother Freckle and Celery and Cupcakes who will share posts across their social channels and conduct live Q&A sessions as part of the initiative...

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