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Doing it for the Fame - Video Comp with £75 Bshirt Gift Voucher prize!!

Doing it for the Fame - Video Comp with £75 Bshirt Gift Voucher prize!!

As the UK's best* sustainable and ethical breastfeeding clothing brand we always try to keep it real by using real mums as models in our photos and videos. 

We are so excited to announce a new Video Competition and are looking for video's starring you and your adorable children!

We want to hear from you! Put together a brief video telling us your thoughts on our award winning top, breastfeeding in general and your challenges as a mum.

Please upload your vid directly to our facebook page, and if we choose you as our winner you will not only be the face of the Bshirt this month, but you will also win an amazing £75 Bshirt Gift Voucher prize! 

We will use the video in the same way that we use our photographs - in advertisements, on our blogs, in interviews and even publications. So, if you send us something amazing you could be seeing your face all over the place!

How to enter:

  • Grab your mobile phone, pop on your Bshirt (if it's not already on!), and press record!
  • Videos can be 30-60 seconds long
  • Please shoot landscape not portrait
  • You will need to be wearing your Bshirt in the video!
  • Upload your video direct to our Facebook Page by noon Nov 16!!

Please feel free to tell us about any of the below...

  1. Why I love my Bshirt!
  2. How the Bshirt helped me to ...
  3. What I love about breastfeeding
  4. A day in the life of a Bshirt mum
  5. Lift the Flap

Good Luck!! Winners will be announced by Nov 21

Winners will receive a gift certificate of £75 to spend in our store!

*as voted for by Mumi 2017 BBTG Awards

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