Winding the Bobbins Up

Winding the Bobbins Up


Winding the bobbins up

The grey lace for our grey Bshirts has been dyed and it arrived in a giant heap last week! We spent several hours untangling it and winding it back onto the bobbins. We sang a little song while we worked :)

The lace was dyed in the UK and after being re-wound has now arrived at our factory in India.The factory workers are all enjoying some time off to celebrate Diwali but they should start sewing on Monday of next week. Production shouldn't take much time at all because all the fabric has been cut and ready in anticipation of the lace arriving.

Small Scale Production

We launched the brand with just black and white colours so naturally our customers asked us for more variety and to roll out new colours. We were happy to oblige. After a Facebook vote, we were very excited to launch the new grey colour in August. What we did not anticipate is that although it was fairly straightforward to source black and white lace, sourcing lace to be dyed the exact colour of our fabric was not as easy. It's because we are a small company with small orders and the big factories aren't able to do small quantities. 

10,000 Meters of Lace

We quickly found out that large dyers and suppliers of lace wanted 10,000 meters of lace per colour. We just wanted 500 meters of lace per colour. Hmm. We put on our thinking caps and found a UK dyer who was willing to dye the lace for us. It was yet another production delay but the only other alternative was scrapping the lace all together! So we powered through. Thankfully we have now got the grey production back on track and are looking forward to getting this amazing colour into the hands of our patient customers.

Grey Orders

If you are happy to wait for your grey Bshirt there is nothing more you need to do. We promise it will be here soon! However, if you wish to amend your order and swap your grey for a white or black please email us as soon as possible.

Thanks so much for your continued patience.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

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