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The best nursing clothes and accessories

The best nursing clothes and accessories

Maternity and nursing fashion is booming at the moment: fewer mums are dropping out of work when they have babies (and are continuing to work closer to their due dates) and more mums are staying on in their jobs post-children.

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Translation? Post-natal women are in search of stylish clothes for office, after-hours, parties – they just want to be able to breastfeed in them as well.

As attitudes towards breastfeeding continue to normalise, it's not just the maternity-wear retailers stepping up their game when it comes to stylish nursing clothes – non-maternity brands are also accommodating breastfeeding women with dedicated sections of clothes they can wear, feed baby, and still look great in. Here are some of our favourite nursing clothing brands and accessories.

Best nursing tops: Bshirt

nursing top for breastfeeding

Nursing doesn't require a whole new wardrobe, which is why Bshirt makes perfect sense: they do one thing, and they do it well, and that's create comfy breastfeeding tops in an array of colours and styles: sleeveless, short and long-sleeved, in lift the flap or crossover silhouettes.

Best nursing lingerie: Hotmilk Collective

nursing clothing

Just because a woman is nursing, doesn't mean she wants to feel like a cow. Or wear really boring, uninspiring pants and bras. That's why we love Hot Milk – the brand is all about making women feel fabulous and look stunning – leaks or not. Their newest range, Projectme, is even bolder: bright colours, stylish detailing, rose-gold hardware... this isn't lingerie you want to hide away in. Yes, purchasing multiple bras from here totally counts as post-natal self-care.

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