The Bshirt goes to India

The Bshirt goes to India


It's the week after half term and my 6 year old is in tears. He's worried about my upcoming work trip. I've been away before but he doesn't remember, so it's a very scary thing looming in the little world he inhabits.

Last week when my mom was visiting for half term, I was completely strung out - neighbourhood kids knocking at the door - this one wanting toast - that one needing toilet paper - the kettle boiling - all at the same time, of course. I made a joke that I couldn't wait for my 12 hour long haul flight to India so I could get some rest! 

This is the second time we are visiting our Fair Trade Indian factory and we couldn't be more excited. We're developing some new products that will be launching in Spring/Summer 2020 - so watch this space!! And it's great fun to catch up with the amazing people who make such beautiful Bshirt's for you lovely customers.

This time we've built in some time for ourselves - total working mum luxury- and we will be visiting an Ashram in Kolkata. And don't tell our husbands but while they are grappling with football kit and swimming kit and reading homework an Ayurvedic massage might just be in the cards for us....

So - we've had an idea an we'd like to take you with us!!! We'll be posting videos and images under the tag #BshirtinIndia for the first week of March. So tune in on FB, Insta or Twitter and come along for the ride!!



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