Breastfeed HERE with Confidence Badge

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Breastfeed Here with Confidence Badge

We are proud to be sponsoring the Breastfeed HERE with Confidence Badge so that breastfeeding mothers can immediately know which establishments in their area support breastfeeding.

There are lots of public places such as cafes, restaurants and shops that are happy to have breastfeeding babies on their premises - but it may not be obvious to new mums that this is the case. We hope that by allowing this scheme to be widely available to anyone who wants to make breastfeeding women feel welcome that we can help to change that.

Use the interactive map to find breastfeeding friendly locations near you.

I love the idea of the "Breastfeed here with Confidence" badge scheme - it will really support women to breastfeed in public, empowering them and giving them the confidence to feed their baby at the breast rather than feeling like they have to scuttle off to the toilet or delay their baby's feed just through fear of the repercussions of breastfeeding in public." 
Jane Mason. Registered Midwife. 
Managing Director, Natural Birthing Company Ltd.
We are delighted that South Hams District Council Cllr Robert Vint is a supporter of our Breastfeed Here with Confidence scheme - "This project has my full support.

Businesses that display the Breastfeed Here with Confidence badge pledged to:

  1. Never ask a breastfeeding mother to stop, move, cover up or leave the premises
  2. Never suggest a breastfeeding mother might be more comfortable in an out of sight area of the premises
  3. Respond to a customer/service user of the business/establishment who complains about a breastfeeding woman by explaining that breastfeeding in public is her legal right as of 2010
  4. Ensure all staff members will be aware of the scheme and be supportive of breastfeeding mums in accordance with pledges 1-3
  5. Display the Breastfeeding Here with Confidence badge in a prominent window located near to the entrance in full view

Nominate your Favourite Venue

Please nominate your favourite cafe or business in your area and we will be in touch with them regarding the scheme.


Join the Scheme

If you are a business interested in joining the scheme please click the button below.

If you are a member of the public you can display a badge in your home to let everyone know that you support breastfeeding women. Please contact us if you would like a badge.