Btribe Breastfeeding Support

We've made it our business to improve breastfeeding rates (you can read our story here) and we've always wanted to do more than just sell an amazing product. We want to support you along the way.

The best way to support a breastfeeding woman is to allow her to talk to other breastfeeding women! A whole village of breastfeeding women who can take over the world! OK, well, maybe not... but perhaps a breastfeeding tribe. So the Btribe was born.

We've got so many amazing customers and now you have a platform to speak to one other. We've already gathered some wise women who are trained Peer Supporters, Lactation Consultants and even Health Visitors and they are ready and waiting to hear from you. So go on, join the group and find your Btribe.

Much love and support to you all - you fabulous women!!

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