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Our Awards

Our multi-award winning products are designed by mums, for mums.

“We are proud to be a micro brand tackling the world's big problems.”

Bshirt Co-Founders

Our Green Credentials

Bcorp Certified

B Corps are a new type of corporation which are purpose-driven, that value people and the planet. Certified B Corps, are companies verified by B Lab to meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. 

B Corp Logo

The Bshirt has put environmental sustainability at its core since day one. We became B Corp Certified in 2022. 80 points are needed to qualify and we scored 108.5. We are very proud of this testament to our ethical values and practices.

Fair Trade Registered

We are registered with BAFTS - the British Association of Fair Trade shops. We adhere to Fair Trade standards and our primary factory is registered with Fair Trade India. It has passed rigorous inspections to ensure the welfare of their workers. We are committed to ensuring that our products adhere to the strictest standards for human welfare.

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

Choosing GOTS Certified Organic cotton means that harmful chemicals, pesticides and dyes aren’t pumped into the environment and water supplies while making our fabric. Choosing to buy organic clothing is good for you, your baby and the environment.

Plastic Free Packaging

We use recycled paper envelopes to ship your Bshirt and PLANT BASED garment bags, which are 100% home compostable.

Sustainable Fashion

We're a Sustainable Fashion Brand

As fashion directors, we were shocked to learn that fashion is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions! 

The fashion industry:

  • is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions
  • sends 350k tonnes of clothes to landfill in the UK each year
  • is the second biggest consumer of water worldwide
  • is responsible for 20% of the world's water pollution

Reduce: Buy less, wear better

It's really simple - we all need to wear clothes. But buying fast fashion isn't sustainable or responsible. Maternity and breastfeeding clothes are intentionally designed for short term use, adding to the clothing waste disaster. We believe that Slow Fashion is the solution we desperately need in order to buy less and wear better. 

Slow fashion

Reuse: Buy pre-loved

Shop from our certified PreLoved collection to save money and reduce clothing waste.

Our Impact

Social Enterprise

We are a Social Enterprise, with a Profit with Purpose business model. This means that we hold our Social and Environmental Impacts as important as we hold making a profit. We are unique in that we are a company limited by shares, but we have a self-imposed asset lock on our profits, and a social lock on our mission. We feel all businesses should operate in this way - by considering the impact their products have on the environment, on making their customer’s lives better, as well as the bottom line.

Social and Environmental Impact

Our Impact Report will be available at the end of 2022.

Impact Measurement

We are working with  Low Carbon Devon to measure our CO2 emissions.  The project involves a 'cradle-to-grave' life cycle assessment of our products, it will also involve identifying carbon reduction strategies and where improvements can be made in the short, medium and long-term.

Social Impact

Our Social Enterprise has established itself as committed to empowering women to breastfeed with confidence. Our customer survey shows that:

  • 84% of 1,500 customers surveyed felt more confident feeding in front of others while wearing their Bshirt.
  • 79% of women we surveyed found breastfeeding easier while wearing their Bshirt.
  • 68% reported reduced social isolation and improved mental health as a result of being able to breastfeed in public whenever necessary, with minimised stress and embarrassment.
  • 80% of our customers report they want to be part of the Circular Economy
  • 90% report that ethical clothes are too expensive and they are interested in renting as an alternative to buying for economic and environmental reasons.
Our Impact

Environmental Impact

  • By using recycled cotton instead of conventional, we will be reducing CO2 emissions and using less water
  • By renting used clothing, we will be further reducing emissions and water usage
  • By recycling our garments back into fibres, we reduce the amount of clothing going to landfill
  • We will partner with specialist organisations to accurately measure and report on our environmental impact. 
  • This will include a detailed analysis of our emissions and water usage, before and after our pivot to circular fashion.

Manufacturing Impact 

The GlobalData, 2021 Thredup Resale Report included the following stats around a single garment of clothing - used vs new:

  • Carbon Emissions (Ib of CO2e) are 21.1 new and 3.7 used 
  • Energy Demand (kw of Energy) is 38.8 new and 4.8 used
  • Water use (gallons of water) is 78.5 new and 1.2 used

About Us

Our Story

Supported By

The Bshirt is proud to be supported by the following organisations.

Innovate UK

Innovate UK 

The Bshirt has Been supported by a number of Innovate UK programmes including:

  • Creative Industries Fund
  • Global Business Innovation Programme’s trade mission to India
  • Sustainable Fashion in India Programme
  • Women in Innovation Award Winner

Devon County Council – Devon Elevation Fund - Community Renewal Fund

This project supported website rebrand and support with growth.

Devon County Council Logo Uk Government Logo

Our Awards

Our multi-award winning products are designed by mums, for mums.

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