Our Purpose

We are unique in that we are an advocate of Slow Fashion, and we design Bshirts intentionally to adapt a woman's existing clothes to be breastfeeding and pregnancy friendly by being worn as a layer under normal clothes. In this way, customers are able to buy fewer maternity clothes, saving them money and reducing clothing waste.

Bshirt team

83% of our customers report that the unique Bshirt design helps them to feel more comfortable breastfeeding in front of other people as there is less on show. Our Social Enterprise’s Mission is to empower women to breastfeed confidently in public whilst reducing clothing waste.

Over the last five years, we designed our own range of ethical breastfeeding clothes that are high quality garments in classic colours, which can be worn from season to season and never go out of style. They are packaged in plastic-free home compostable garment bags to minimise their impact on the environment.

We are a Circular Fashion British Maternity Brand, which empowers women to breastfeed with confidence while reducing unnecessary consumption of earth's precious natural resources.