Our Story

Philippa & Lisa - Bshir co-founders

When Lisa was volunteering as a breastfeeding peer supporter, she saw many women wearing intricate, expensive maternity clothing, and it was getting in the way of establishing breastfeeding. She suggested that these women could simply cut big holes in a t-shirt and wear that under normal clothes. The ones who took Lisa’s advice found it was much easier to get a good latch and their confidence increased as they wore the home sewn t-shirts with their regular clothes and felt like themselves again.

Philippa met Lisa at baby yoga and saw this fantastic top Lisa was wearing. Philippa was astounded to learn Lisa had made it herself! Philippa felt that there might be something in this breastfeeding top - so they decided to launch a business! Together, they perfected the design of their Lift the Flap breastfeeding vest, which is design protected, and launched a business in 2017.

Lisa is a mum of two boys: Nico (11) and Xavi (8) and breastfed for a total of 4 years. 

Philippa is a mum of two boys: Albie (11) and Brandon (8) and breastfed for a total of 4 years. 

"We decided to launch a business to set our own hours and be available to our kids on our own terms. We each have a different set of professional and personal skills we bring to the table and we really compliment each other well. As we are friends, to say that we have a business partnership isn’t really enough - it’s more like a sisterhood."

The Bshirt has been trading for 6 years and has impacted over 50,000 women worldwide. As social entrepreneurs Lisa and Philippa are always meeting people who started social ventures that are making a real difference to our society and the environment. It’s an inspirational time to be a businesswoman. But as fashion directors, they were shocked to learn that fashion is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions! 

They hope that one day all companies who sell products to mothers and babies will think of how they can improve the lives of their customers, rather than exploiting them with ‘must have’ consumerism. We cannot continue to consume and create waste at the current rate if we are to preserve this planet for our children’s future. Working together, we will reduce clothing waste, improve breastfeeding rates in the UK and ultimately make mums and babies healthier and happier.

We are proud to be a micro brand tackling the world's big problems.