Our Values

Our values

Here at the Bshirt, we believe in empowering women, nurturing babies, normalising breastfeeding and reducing clothing waste. Here's why...

Empowering Women

Here at the Bshirt we have employed the services of women in all that we do - from the ethical manufacture of our garments, to the photography and models for our photos (our amazing models are real mums - not professionals!), and the web and IT. Our office hours are 9-3 so that we can support working parents to also be present for their children. You can read more about the Bshirt Story.

Nurturing Babies

We are passionate about supporting mothers and babies to breastfeed and to gain all the valuable health and well being benefits of doing so. By empowering mothers to breastfeed more confidently we hope that they will breastfeed for longer, which helps develop a strong attachment between mother and baby. You can read more about the benefits of breastfeeding and our charitable donations here. 

Normalising Breastfeeding

We are passionate about normalising breastfeeding and improving breastfeeding rates. Embarrassment at breastfeeding in public is a major barrier to breastfeeding identified by UNICEF and the NHS. You can find out more about our campaign to improve public breastfeeding through our Breastfeed Here With Confidence Badge Scheme for cafe's and public venues.

Reducing Clothing Waste

Clothing waste is the second biggest pollution problem (second only to plastic) and we feel it is our responsibility as a clothing retailer to sell responsibly. That means we will never sell or promote 'wardrobe replacement' items for breastfeeding and all our products will be designed to adapt a woman's existing wardrobe to become breastfeeding friendly. Read more about ways to reduce clothing waste.

Family Friendly Working

Raising children is one of the most important jobs in society and yet this can often be incompatible with the traditional 9-5 way of working. As a company that employs mostly working parents, here at the Bshirt we feel that flexible working hours allows us to show our employees just how much we value them in their important role as parents as well as on a professional level. Our office hours are primarily 9-3 however our office facilities are available 24/7 so employees can choose when to work. And working from home is encouraged, not begrudged. No one is in the office for more than 4 days a week; this is really important, because working more hours doesn’t mean getting more done. We all need time out of the office so that our time in the office is viewed as precious.

Businesses are realising that people are more productive when they feel valued and flexible working hours / working from home is a great way of doing this. It helps to empower employees and improves commitment to their jobs. Most of our team use the flexibility to juggle family life, work and their own leisure activities and interests. As a result they are happier, less stressed and motivated to perform to their very best. So it’s a win win!!

Philippa and Lisa are passionate about creating a supportive working environment for working parents and increasing breastfeeding rates in the UK, read more about our mission here.