Slow Fashion

As fashion directors, we were shocked to learn that fashion is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions! 

The fashion industry:

  • is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions
  • sends 350k tonnes of clothes to landfill in the UK each year
  • is the second biggest consumer of water worldwide
  • is responsible for 20% of the world's water pollution

Reduce: Buy less, wear better

It's really simple - we all need to wear clothes. But buying fast fashion isn't sustainable or responsible. Maternity and breastfeeding clothes are intentionally designed for short term use, adding to the clothing waste disaster. We believe that Slow Fashion is the solution we desperately need in order to buy less and wear better. 

Slow fashion

Reuse: Buy pre-loved

Shop from our certified PreLoved collection to save money and reduce clothing waste.