Vision, Mission & Values

Fast fashion encourages people to continuously consume clothes. Meanwhile, the equivalent of one dustbin truck full of clothes is burned or dumped in a landfill every second. 

We think it's really simple - the clothes we choose are a reflection of who we are and we feel a woman needn’t give up her personal identity simply because she has become a breastfeeding mother - nor should she need to buy a new pregnancy wardrobe for short-term use.

With the Bshirt you don’t need to replace your wardrobe - you can simply adapt it.

Mission vision and values

Our Vision

Our Vision is a future where mothers and babies have sustainable clothes in the right size, at the right time, without damaging the environment.

Our Mission

We are a Circular Fashion British Maternity Brand, which empowers women to breastfeed with confidence while reducing unnecessary consumption of earth's precious natural resources.

Our Values

Reducing Clothing Waste

Clothing waste is the second biggest pollution problem (second only to plastic) and we feel it is our responsibility as a clothing retailer to sell responsibly. We “Buy Back” our products when our customers no longer need them and then sell them as Preloved. By offering our clothing for rental we can extend the lifetime of our garments and prevent women needing to buy a new maternity and breastfeeding wardrobe for short term use.

Promoting the Circular Economy

Clothing consumption is at an all time high and the fashion industry has a devastating impact on the environment. Being sustainable is no longer enough and a circular approach is needed. We are sourcing recycled fabrics, renting our products multiple times, repairing where possible, upcycling and finally, when they are too worn out to be rented, recycling back into fibres. In this way we are helping to conserve the earth's precious resources.

Nurturing Babies

We are passionate about supporting mothers and babies to breastfeed and to gain all the valuable health and wellbeing benefits of doing so. By empowering mothers to breastfeed more confidently we hope that they will breastfeed for longer, which helps develop a strong attachment between mother and baby.

Empowering Women

As a Female Founded organisation, we have employed the services of women in all that we do - from the ethical manufacture of our garments, to the photography and models for our photos (our amazing models are real mums - not professionals!), and the web and IT. Our office hours are 9-3 with flexible working during school holidays so that we can support working parents to also be present for their children.

“We are proud to be a micro brand tackling the world's big problems.”

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