Why Choose Bshirt

Bshirt breastfeeding top vest lift the flap

When you first become pregnant and a new mum, as well as feeling excited there are lots of things to worry about which can be very overwhelming at times. Will I be able to breastfeed my baby? Will I feel embarrassed feeding in front of other people? What are the most important things I need to buy and can I afford to buy it all?

The Bshirt breastfeeding vest can help alleviate these worries in many ways. The Bshirt:

  • Is really easy to use and it allows you to breastfeed confidently and comfortably
  • Empowers women to breastfeed with confidence 
  • Saves you money - there is no need to buy a new breastfeeding wardrobe as the Bshirt enables you to adapt your favourite clothes for breastfeeding
  • Enables you to wear your pre-pregnancy clothes so you don't need to restrict your style to the limited choice of 'wardrobe replacement' breastfeeding clothing. You know - the mum uniform.
  • Can also be worn on its own and it looks like a normal vest top, unlike many other breastfeeding undershirts for sale, which cannot be worn alone.
  • Has a top panel that will always stay up, keeping you covered where you need it most, unlike clip-vests which bring down the entire front of the vest, leaving you quite exposed.
  • Can be worn with your properly fitted nursing bra, unlike clip-vests with built-in bras. There is nothing worse than tight elastic in lieu of a properly fitted nursing bra! 
  • Has large openings which allow the baby to get full access to your boobs, so you can achieve good positioning and attachment
  • Is more sustainable and environmentally friendly as it reduces waste and unnecessary garment consumption
  • Is ethically made with organic cotton

The Bshirt supports mums wearing their own clothes and being themselves. We support mums getting a proper latch and breastfeeding for as long as they and their baby want to. We support mum’s feeding their baby in whatever way or place makes their babies happy!

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