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Feeling Nippy? How to Babywear and Breastfeed this season

Feeling Nippy? How to Babywear and Breastfeed this season

The Bshirt makes breastfeeding while baby-wearing a cinch! The unique design means that you can feed your baby without having to even remove them from the sling! There are no zips, ties or clips - so with one hand, simply lift the flap, latch your baby on, and get on with whatever you need to do - it's really that easy!

babywearing slings and bshirts

Why we love Slings so much...

Babywearing meets a baby's needs for physical contact, affection, security, stimulation, and movement (all of which encourage neurological development) while on the go.

Natural Child talks about the benefits of baby wearing and discusses how it is convenient, economical and increases bonding and communication and most importantly promotes breastfeeding.

Pop your baby into a sling and have all the freedom you would usually have when out and about. With both hands free you can still power up the hills, pop to the shops or even walk hand in hand with your hubby.

Plus, your long sleeve BShirt is the ideal layer to wear during the winter months for staying warm, looking good and feeding throughout the day. 

walking with babies in slings

When your baby needs a feed, you don't even have to sit down - unless you want to of course! It's a bit of an art and it might take a few attempts, but you can just lift the flap and feed as you stroll.

Our range of Autumn/Winter colours allows you to mix and match with your winter wardrobe. When you baby wear, you may find you and your baby don't need to wear thick wintery coats, as you'll be keeping each other warm and snuggly through your close contact.

If you're looking to learn more, Natural Child and Attachment Parenting websites both contain some great information on the benefits of baby wearing.

Whatever you are doing this winter, stay warm and keep baby close. Enjoy those days where the sun peeks out to get out, get some fresh air and enjoy yourself!


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