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In the dynamic world of maternity fashion, The Bshirt has emerged as a revolutionary brand, seamlessly merging functionality with style. Established in 2017, The Bshirt's signature design, the Lift the Flap breastfeeding vest, has been a game-changer for over 50,000 women worldwide, making breastfeeding more accessible and comfortable.

In June 2023, the brand took a significant step forward. It was acquired by Subha Ganesh, a seasoned professional with over 16 years in the fashion industry. Her illustrious career has seen her work with top-tier brands like Asos, Reiss, and Ganni, where she helmed global marketing initiatives. Subha's vision for Bshirt is backed by her in-depth understanding of the fashion market and a keen sense of evolving consumer needs.

Supporting Subha's leadership is Swati, who has taken on the role of Buying and Merchandising Director for Bshirt. Swati's experience is both extensive and global. With 15+ years in fashion merchandising, she has lent her expertise to renowned fashion retailers in both India and the UK. Her acumen in product selection and market analysis ensures that Bshirt's offerings remain both trendy and practical.

Together, Subha and Swati aim to propel The Bshirt to greater heights. Their collective vision transcends mere commercial success. With the revelation that fashion accounts for a staggering 10% of global carbon emissions, they're driven to make a positive environmental impact. The duo is committed to promoting sustainable fashion practices, minimizing waste, and fostering a culture where businesses prioritize the well-being of their customers over mere consumerism.

Under their stewardship, The Bshirt isn't just a brand – it's a movement towards a more sustainable, functional, and stylish maternity fashion landscape.

Our Story

"We decided to launch a business to set our own hours and be available to our kids on our own terms. We each have a different set of professional and personal skills we bring to the table and we really compliment each other well. As we are friends, to say that we have a business partnership isn’t really enough - it’s more like a sisterhood."

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Our Social Enterprise has established itself as committed to empowering women to breastfeed with confidence while reducing clothing waste. We measure the impact our business and products has on the enviornment and our customers.

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Bshirt founders Lisa and Philippa have won 4 Innovate UK awards.

The Devon Elevation fund was also awarded to the Bshirt for key operational expansion.

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Multi Award Winning

Our multi-award winning products are designed by mums, for mums.

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Our Donations

The Bshirt is a Social Enterprise founded by two mums dedicated to reducing clothing waste while empowering women to breastfeed with confidence. We run campaigns where Bshirts are donated to women who are statistically less likely to breastfeed and who are struggling with feeding in public.

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