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Breastfeeding rate in Scotland increases

Breastfeeding rate in Scotland increases

The number of babies being breastfed at 6 to 8 weeks in Scotland has increased from 36% in 2001/02 to 42% in 2017/18.

Article taken from BBC News Scotland

This comes after Scotland became the first country in the UK to receive 100% Baby Friendly accreditation in maternity and community services.

However, figures show breastfeeding rates in Scotland still fall far short of recommended levels.

The Scottish government is investing an additional £2m for breastfeeding support, almost doubling funding.

The statistics from Infant Feeding Statistics Scotland revealed that 64% of of babies born in Scotland in 2017/18 were "ever" breastfed - breastfed for any length of time after their birth.

More than half (51%) of babies were breastfed at First Visit (10-14 days) in 2017/18. This has increased from 44% of babies born in 2001/02.

Read full article from BBC News Scotland here. 

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