Philippa's in the 'Board' Room cause we're Snowed In!

Philippa's in the 'Board' Room cause we're Snowed In!

They say the best laid plans go to waste...

We aim to attend all three Baby Shows in the UK. Since we only sell online and don't have a shopfront, it's a chance for us to get to talk with our customers, to see what our tops look like on our customers, and hear what you really think about us.

It's a great experience and we were really looking forward to the Excel show this weekend. However, mother nature, she had something else in mind...

We've had a blizzard. We've been derailed, literally, as the train services and roads are SHUT. Red travel warnings in place. In Devon! Risk to life and all that.

What's a girl to do??


Needless to say our shipments have been derailed too but we aim to resume business as usual on Monday. Unless there is more snow!

 Watch out! (that was a snowball just for you) xx

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